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 Your donations are appreciated and will continue to be used to support people in Metro Atlanta find wellness, hope, and recovery. Your tax-deductible donation provides the vital funding necessary for us to fulfil our mission and ensure that everyone who seeks behavior health services receives the care they need.  We cannot serve our community without you!

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Ways to Give

Odyssey provides mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention and education services to all ages, incomes, and cultures. Your donation will help provide services to individuals and families who otherwise cannot access the mental health care they need.

Online Donations

You can make a gift online using a credit card by clicking this Donate Now button here or the one located at the top of every page. Online donations can also be made to Odyssey during Georgia Gives Day, through the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) website.

Mail a Gift

If you prefer to mail your donation, please send a check made payable to Odyssey Family Counseling Center,

1919 John Wesley Ave.
College Park, GA 30337

In-Kind Donations

Odyssey may need an item you would like to donate. Please contact to offer your donation and coordinate delivery options.

Other Ways to Give

To make your giving easier, Odyssey Family Counseling Center has added Givelify, to our donor platform! Simply download the Givelify app to your iPhone or Android .